Easy Toothache Treatment At Home

Toothache TreatmentToothache treatment is not really rocket science. You can even do it at home. When you get a toothache, you just cannot think about anything but that throbbing pain in your cavity. Sometimes, it is so bad that it even escalates to a headache, so you are immobilized, and can’t even drive to your local dentist.

Thankfully, there are some home remedies that you can do to alleviate that throbbing pain in your tooth. But you have to remember that these are only temporary measures to keep yourself sane and under control, until you are able to see your dentist.

If your dentist is not available and your head is splitting because of that pain rooted in the sockets of your gums, walk to your kitchen and open your freezer. Get some ice and rub it on the side of your cheek, wherever the pain is.

A better toothache treatment is to take pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medicines. This will definitely lessen your pain, but of course, it will not cure what is causing the pain. Pain relievers will only help alleviate the pain for a few hours, but the problem is still there. Turning that pain off will not solve what was wrong in the first place. When you have time, allow your dentist to correct the mistake permanently.

If you don’t have a stock of pain relievers, another simple household solution may do the trick. In your kitchen, find some clove oil and mix it with salt and pepper. With one teaspoon of clove oil, add a quarter of salt, and another quarter of pepper. Apply this to your tooth.

Another household solution is to get a clove of garlic, chew it, and place a portion of the mash onto the affected tooth. This has proven time and time again to be an effective treatment for toothache and is still being done by many people today. A substitute for garlic is uncooked onion.

Overall, these home remedies for toothache are all just first aid measures, as only your dentist can really correct the underlying problem behind your toothache. Also, you should not forget your daily dental hygiene requirements like brushing and flossing.

But of course, in the face of excruciating pain, we cannot discount the great value of household remedies for toothache treatment, as these have been tried and tested.

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