How to Stop A Toothache Fast

Stop ToothacheYou can suffer extreme pain when you have a toothache. When it occurs; you most probably want to know how to stop a toothache as fast as possible. A tooth that hurts affects your whole body, and sometimes it is so severe that it prevents you from doing anything. Determining the cause of the toothache will help in its successful treatment.

Here are some suggestions on how to stop tooth pain before it becomes severe.

• When you feel the first bouts of pain, a painkiller will stop the pain quickly. If you do not want therapeutic medication, then you can apply toothache drops directly for fast relief.

• Avoid very cold and hot temperatures as these may exacerbate the pain. Instead, gargle lukewarm water for how to stop toothache. A mouthwash can help in eliminating bacteria that may continue to infect the tooth.

• Topical anesthetics can relieve your pain within a few minutes. You may want to visit your dentist if the pain returns. It could indicate something wrong with your teeth or gums, so it’s best to treat the root cause of your toothache properly.

• You can stop toothache by utilizing home remedies like garlic paste. Simply place it on and around the affected tooth. If it proves ineffective, then you can always opt for drug therapy.

• Natural remedies to stop toothache pain can be a valid method if you have easy accessibility to them. Some toothache remedies include yarrow, cranberries, and the like. Make sure that you are using the correct natural remedy.

• One way how to stop a toothache and prevent future problems is to simply brush and floss properly, taking care not to brush directly on the affected tooth, but rather using your tongue to spread the toothpaste. Most toothpaste has antibacterial properties that clean your mouth of microorganisms, like Staphylococcus aureus, and prevent bacterial infection.

• You can use creams applied externally on your cheek to stop toothache pain. They can stop the pain quickly in most cases…but if it does not work, you will have to use solutions that can be applied directly to the tooth.

These modes of how to stop a toothache can prove effective if you utilize them properly. Be a smart user and choose those that can stop toothache quickly, safely and effectively.

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  1. Avella Mafanya

    my tooth has been aching since last week. iv been using disprin, panado and granpda to releive the pain. these pills just releive the pain for few minutes and after few minutes , tha pain comes back again. some people say that i should try putting a brake fluid or a petrol in the affected teeth. i dont know if it is safe and helpful to do that. what must i do

    1. Hillary Post author

      Hi Avella,

      Don’t even think of putting brake fluid or petrol on your tooth. That’s just crazy! And it’s extremely dangerous to your health. If you browse through my site, you’ll see that I’ve highlighted a number of safe, natural methods you can try to stop toothache. Alternatively you can get all the natural toothache treatment options and helpful advice on keeping your teeth healthy in this report.


  2. Alexia

    I have been having my left molar toothe aching for the past week it started off with minor aches every once in a while didnt think anuthing of it but then it exponentially got worse and worse it was POUNDING, THROBBING, ACHING it realy really made me tired and grumpy because all I could think about was my toothe hurting. I have found that a good system that has worked for me first take 2 ibuprofens and rest let the medicine set in, and then brush your teeth 2 times putting most tooth past on affected area, second rinse your mouth with peroxide lean the contents toward the affected area in your mouth you will feel bubbles in your mouth thats a good sign and cleans the tooth especailly if there is a hole in your tooth, third follow by a dry mouth rinse once rinse is in mouth lean head toward affected area so that contents clean tooth, fourth follow by a gentile mouth wash that has no alchohal as alchohal can make toothe hurt more, and lastly place an ice pak on cheek of aching toothe and keep mouth closed, may sound wierd but saliva in your mouth should feel thick and warm this will also soothe your toothe by keeping cold air out to reduce pain make sure to brush teeth often, rinse with perioxide, dry mouth rinse, and mouth wash until able to see a dentist. Worked miracle for me

  3. Nereida

    I had a toothache today that lead to my right jaw swelling up and i had a terrible headache/migrane. I brushed my teeth, flossed, and tried that whole mouthwash thing. That was the most painful thing i have ever done. I literally cried the whole time i had it in my mouth, and to have the mouthwash touching it killed, and to have to surround it and loosen my cheeks and let it flow around my tooth was a challange. I had to do it for so long just to be able to bear the mouthwash touchning my entire tooth. But now it feels a tiny bit better. I guess i had to suffer for a weeeeee but of relief.


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