5 Natural Toothache Remedies

Toothache RemedyNatural toothache remedies can be such a welcome relief for severe toothache. People resort to all sorts of treatments to get rid of the pain quickly. There are countless remedies that you may not even be aware of.

If you have a toothache and you are not sure what treatment to use, here are some natural remedies for toothache. Continue reading

Clove Oil for Toothache: Benefits and Use

Clove Oil toothacheClove oil for toothache is perhaps one of the most popular and easily accessible remedies. In fact, more than prescription drugs given by dentists and doctors, cloves are used by more people when they want something to lessen and reduce the pain caused by a toothache. This is because clove oil is easy to buy or prepare at home.

Preparing the clove oil toothache treatment

What you will need is a whole clove and some drops of olive oil and you are ready to go. Continue reading

Toothache Cure that can Work for You

Toothache CureAre you suffering from extreme tooth pain? If you have a toothache caused by an infection, abscess, crack or cavity, I’m sure you want an immediate toothache cure. While home remedies are one option, they sometimes do not work and the pain persists. In this case you may need to resort to alternative ways for how to cure a toothache.

Here are your options

This is considered the safest drug for how to cure toothache. This is because it does not have ill effects on the liver and kidneys when taken in therapeutic dosages. Continue reading