5 Natural Toothache Remedies

Toothache RemedyNatural toothache remedies can be such a welcome relief for severe toothache. People resort to all sorts of treatments to get rid of the pain quickly. There are countless remedies that you may not even be aware of.

If you have a toothache and you are not sure what treatment to use, here are some natural remedies for toothache.

Mouthwash Gargles

An inflamed abscess can cause toothache. Here a good remedy is a mouthwash gargle. Salt solution and mouthwash gargles can help stop the growth of the abscess. Since abscess indicates tooth infection, you can gargle with an antibacterial mouthwash. You can also use a mouthwash gargle for a cracked tooth.

Aside from salt solution, you can gargle with a warm solution of boiled ginger to alleviate pain and infection. Ginger has an antibacterial property that can help in treating the infection.

Lukewarm Compress

A warm compress is a convenient remedy that you can easily use. You should not expose the pain to extremely cold or hot solutions. Apply a lukewarm compress on your cheek where the tooth is located. Warm compress will also aid in healing your gums and nerves connected to the tooth.

Clove Oil

Saturating a cotton ball with clove oil and then pressing it onto the affected tooth is one of the most common natural toothache remedies. Apply just enough to fill your tooth cavity. Remove the cotton ball just before sleeping to prevent yourself from accidentally swallowing it. Be careful as excessive amounts of clove oil can cause burning and irritation to your gums.

Tooth Ointment

Over the counter tooth ointments can be good natural remedies for toothache pain and swelling. Apply the ointment sparingly on the surface of your tooth and gum to ease pain. The thin, even application of the ointment will ensure no unexpected side effects occur.

Peppermint Extract

Another way how to stop a toothache is by applying peppermint extract directly to the area. Soak a cotton bud with peppermint extract and apply directly on the painful tooth. You can also rub it gently on swollen teeth. This will provide sufficient relief if you cannot take any drugs or medications due to an existing pathological condition.

When looking for a remedy, select one that is effective and has the least side effects. Opt natural toothache remedies when available. Your body will easily respond if the remedy enhances your natural resistance to pain and infection.

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  1. awaragird


    I born and raised in a developing country (subcontinenet) and currently have been living in a western/developed country for over 12 years.

    I noticed, people born and raised here in this developed country, they get a lot more teeth related issues and they are ones get their teeth removed by dentists due to various reasons.

    I am sure, anyone reading this will observe the same in any developing countries.

    I myself, regardless of having many teeth related accidents etc, have excellent teeth and never even suggested to get my teeth removed. The same is true for my friends or other overseas born people.


    Why we see more such dental issues in those people who are born and raised in ‘developed countries’?

    Why people like me, who got raised in ‘very polluted’ and ‘unhealthy’ environment have better health than ‘healthy environment’ ones?

    My personal suggestions include, everything processed, much more sugar, salts etc (hidden in foods) and also so called ‘health’ products which, even though they claim tested, but what about the testing on a 20 year period to see what will happen to a person from childhood to adulthood…

    It is very sad to see such young generation getting their teeth removed. To them, being in a developed country means worst health…



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