Reliable Home Remedies for Toothache

Home Remedy for ToothacheAlthough painkillers are commonly used to treat toothaches, using home remedies for toothache is best. What you may not know is that taking too many pharmaceutical drugs can put unnecessary strain on your liver, which is responsible for metabolizing everything you ingest. However, the majority of naturally occurring substances have fewer side effects on the liver. This makes them the preferred option.

Toothache home remedies include the following:

Garlic Cloves

Peel garlic cloves and grind them until they become homogeneous. Add olive oil and mix. Place a drop or a paste on the affected tooth. You could use cotton to absorb more of the preparation. This home remedy for toothache will ease the pain because of the analgesic component of garlic. It also has an anti-bacterial effect that cleanses the area of bacteria, helping prevent any infection in the affected tooth.

Garlic is so effective for toothache that enterprising manufacturers produce garlic olive oil for commercial use. The garlic in your kitchen however, is safer because you are sure it is not mixed with anything you are allergic to.

The following people should take caution when using this toothache home remedy:

• people with severe wounds;
• pregnant women;
• very young children;
• persons with debilitating diseases

Echinacea Herb

Another of the home remedies for a toothache is Echinacea. A tincture is prepared from this herb and then used as a paste or a toothache drop. You can also gargle with the solution when you have colds or sore throat. Since it has an antibacterial property, it can serve as a cleansing solution or tincture on wounds.

The many uses of Echinacea make it one of the ideal home remedies for toothache. However, it does have contraindications with over-usage; and there is chance you could be allergic to the herb as well.

Saline Water

Saline water or salt solution forms part of the home remedies for tooth pain. To a glass of warm water add one half teaspoon of plain table salt and mix until dissolved. This will produce your saline water solution.

You do not drink this but use it to gargle. You can increase the salt concentration as long as you use it only to gargle. This natural toothache cure alleviates pain and swelling around your tooth. It is also an excellent treatment for mouth sores because of its sodium and chloride content.

All of these alternative home remedies for toothache pain have been tested and proven effective. Before you pop that pill into your mouth, use home remedies for toothache first. They’re natural and inexpensive, but also safer and non-invasive too.

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  1. Annette

    I used suggestions from another website and here are the results: cotton swab with vanilla extract didn’t help. Vodka swished by tooth helped a little but not enough. Garlic pressed on tooth made pain go away. I also swished with vinegar after that, but not sure if it helped as the garlic did. I have a hole in my tooth but it did not have decay last time dentist looked at it. Going to see the dentist today. UGH HATE the dentist; had a sadomasochistic dentist when I was a child. I swear, he really was.

  2. Kristina Graham

    my son has been crying about his tooth it looks like it broken but Hubby looked and said its a start of cavity and he is in pain i gave him motrin for kids and ambsol but it still hurting him> he is Five 1/2

  3. kristin

    Ok had a bad toothach tried warm salt water nothing tried cold pack nothing and heat also then I Google and I found this so I had garlic and mixed it with salt and put iton My tooth it work it I so glad thank u

  4. Amanda

    I spent 65 dollars yesterday on a bunch of home remedies. I gave my garlic, but have used it yet.

    I coudnt fint echeacia tea at the stor I went to, so I bought echeacia pills. Last night at work I was in tears on my way there. I was preparing my “I have to go home speech”.
    I arrived at 11. At 12 I took two excedrin, gargled with salt water, took two echeania pills. Then at 3 I took an ibuprofen since excedrine knocked out some pain, I figured I’d double up. Then I took an echeacia pill and applied it to my tooth/gum. the combo knocked my pain out, although my tooth is too tender to bite down on. I didn’t feel the pain come back until I awakened at 11:30am.


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