Clove Oil for Toothache: Benefits and Use

Clove Oil toothacheClove oil for toothache is perhaps one of the most popular and easily accessible remedies. In fact, more than prescription drugs given by dentists and doctors, cloves are used by more people when they want something to lessen and reduce the pain caused by a toothache. This is because clove oil is easy to buy or prepare at home.

Preparing the clove oil toothache treatment

What you will need is a whole clove and some drops of olive oil and you are ready to go. You can blend both of these elements and make a fine combination of liquids. It works in a way that it is able to cure the damaged tissues and cells of your teeth. This consequently creates immunity for the teeth.

The best way how to get rid of a toothache with clove oil is to let the mixture stand for a week before using it. If you’re in a hurry and need instant relief, go down to your local health shop and buy some clove oil that’s already mixed up.


Oil of cloves for toothache is an excellent way to get treatment at home. It actually has antimicrobial properties that help you resist all the possible fungal diseases which might be unfortunately developing in your tooth. It is fast-acting on both the bacteria and virus of all kinds, and it contains effective proteins and minerals which are able to release emulsifying acids in order to keep the oral cavity clean and fresh at all times.

Using cloves for toothache is also considered to be the best anti-rheumatic reagent. It is able to ease your body from pain caused by inflamed muscles and joints. For toothaches, the solution acts against your body’s catabolic functions, making it an effective antiseptic. It works by alerting your white blood corpuscles to fight against antigens and halt possible inflammation and infection.

Using clove oil also helps in keeping your digestive tract safe and clean from all types of parasitic bacteria. This will help eliminate and reduce your chances of experiencing severe toothache on a regular basis. It serves as a basic stimulant that is able to quicken or enhance your body’s metabolism. This helps you to recuperate energy, fight off fatigue and improve the blood circulation in your gums and teeth.

Possible side effects

There are generally no side effects connected to using clove oil for toothache. Although it may sometimes irritate your skin and mucous membrane, using the clove oil toothache solution carefully will give you the instant relief that you are looking for.

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