12 Hour Toothache Cure Review

PLEASE NOTE – This product is no longer available for sale. The review below is for reference purposes only.

Looking for Fast Natural Relief?

If you have been suffering from toothache, you know how painful and frustrating it can be! It really can become unbearable. And, by now, you have been out there trying to find a simple and effective remedy to treat your toothache. Believe it or not, it is actually possible to avoid visits to the dentist or your local pharmacy, and treat your toothache from home.

NOTE – After buying Diane Puttman’s “12 Hour Toothache Cure” and following the advice, this is my review.

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Your toothache can literally make you quit eating chocolates, sweets and other foods. Not to mention that you can be really annoyed and, of course, tormented big time with that horrible pain. Most of us are frightened even with the thought of going under surgeries, especially those which involve injections into gums.

What is causing your toothache and what options do you have?

Toothache is usually caused by a cavity, a chipped tooth or in more severe cases an inflammation in your root canal (as dentists say).

The usual thing to do when you have a toothache is to book a dentist appointment. But many times he can only see you a few days later. Now what if you have an excruciating toothache that needs to be relieved ASAP?! The only option society provides is to go to the local drug store and medicate yourself with potentially harmful painkillers.

When you eventually do get to your dentist, you’re given the option to simply take more medicine, during which time you have to avoid everything including your beloved cup of coffee. And if the pain continues after a couple of days, he’ll suggest you undergo expensive root end surgery, or what they call an apicoectomy – which is not a pretty procedure!

So when you need to get toothache relief in a hurry, are these really the only options available? Luckily there is another option…

12 Hour Toothache Cure“The 12 Hour Toothache Cure”

It sounded a little hard to believe when the book claimed to be the quickest way to relieve toothache. So I decided to try it for myself.

Written by Dianne Puttman, this book tells you everything you need to know about toothache and which treatment to try and when. The best part is that you probably won’t even have to leave your house to get relief. It really is amazing and the best knowledge anyone with a toothache could have. Here’s why:

  • Your complete guide for tooth care:
    That’s how I put it! The book covers everything from tooth care to how to avoid those tormenting and disturbing aches. It helps you identify what type of toothache you have and the necessary treatment options available. Just about everything your dentist couldn’t tell you till now is in this book.
  • Safe, natural, effective treatments:
    Everyone may claim to provide them, but with this book you actually get over a dozen safe and completely natural toothache cures that actually work. Believe me – right from day one you will feel the difference! And since you can ditch all those artificial medicines and pain killers, there’s no harmful side-effects.
  • Lasting relief and healthier teeth:
    In her book, Diane has also provided a food guide to help strengthen your teeth and gums, and prevent toothache in the future. Do not confuse this with a diet plan. Diet plans are there to stop you from eating your beloved foods! Here we are talking about a simple guide to help you identify the best foods for your teeth. Plus, the book tells you about which nutrients are essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Any problems with the program?

The only “problem” you may have with the program is that you need to stay away from certain foods and drinks until your toothache is gone. But that really isn’t something that can’t be done. If you really want that pain to go away, then you should follow the guidelines accurately.

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If you want to get rid of your toothache FAST by using safe, inexpensive, natural treatments, then this book may be just for you.


  1. michelle

    I am having an excrutiating toothache. I went to the dentist also. I have taken advill, tylenol but it has not worked. I hate taking medicine so I would like to know of any home/natural remedy …Help PLEASE

  2. Kennedian

    I’m currently having a real bad time with my tooth but seriously.. I’d rather go to the dentist than walk to a bookstore and buy your book.. Whats the point of buying a book that tells you how to solve a toothache when u r not actually solving it, but only masking the pain.. I did quite a lot of reading concerning toothache on the internet, and my conclusion is: even if the pain is gone it doesnt mean that the infection is gone.. for e.g. the pain in a tooth abscess may stop when the nerve and pulps are fully destroyed, but the infection may continue to propagate and infect your blood.. It may even result in death! My advice would be, these things about home remedies are only temporary, you should absolutely visit your dentist.. if you don’t have the money to undergo expensive treatments get the tooth pulled out!!!!


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